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Recently I’ve been on a cleaning spree – going through all of my stuff organizing and purging! My closet has taken the biggest hit, as it should have. I’ve been about 6 different sizes in the last two years and the sheer amount of clothing I have had reached a ridiculous level. But what to do with all of the clothes??

Sure, some I will take to Goodwill. But some of them are really nice clothes from GAP, Limited, LOFT, Banana Republic, etc. I knew I could consign and get some money for them, but I don’t have time to tag things or fool with it. Insert:

A friend of mine had posted how easy her experience was and I thought I’d give it a try! First, I bought a few things for Baby J in the kids shop and had a great experience – it was easy to find cute things for him and there’s free shipping.

Next, I decided that I would send in my clothing. The way it works is you order one of their polka dot clean out bags to send in your clothing. You can fit about a load of laundry worth of clothing, shoes or accessories into the bag. The great thing for me was they accept maternity and plus size clothing, so clothes that don’t fit anymore or that I knew I wouldn’t ever wear again, I sent in.

You can either drop off the bag at FedEx (which is the fast option) or leave it for the post man to get (which is the easier option). It was SO easy for me to load up my extra clothes into the bag and drop it at FedEx. It took them a few days to process the bag – they send you emails all along the way – and then voila! They let you know how much you earned:


I was glad to have earned nearly $50 towards shopping on their site again – which goes really far! Or you can cash out and they will transfer it to your PayPal account. It was so weird to see your clothes professionally styled and photographed on a mannequin! See a skirt, jacket and dress I sent in…

thred-up-anthropologie-skirt thred-up-review-ann-taylor-LOFT


All in all, I highly recommend! And while I’m sure I could probably get more $ directly consigning elsewhere, my time is worth more to me than tagging, bagging and sorting all my clothes. The ease of the whole process was amazing!

Try it out and you’ll get $10 off your first purchase, just click the button below! If you’ve tried it or do try it, I’d love to know your experience too!

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