Doing Too Much and Sabbath Rest


I have a confession.

I have a confession: I have a problem with doing TOO MUCH. My calendar these days has been filled to the brim with that cutie up there and so much more. Now granted, they are all good things, things I want to be doing. But I’ve hit my limit. It’s too much.

This Spring and Summer has been full of happiness. JOY is abundant in my life as I have gotten to soak up time with my guys, friends and family. I look around sometimes and my heart just bursts. When I see my little guy reaching for me because he wants me to hold him, or I walk hand in hand with my boyfriend… these are the moments that I have longed for, the moments that in my darkest times I wasn’t sure I’d see.

It’s hard to realize that too much of a good thing really is too much. I have a hard time saying NO to just the extra stuff that isn’t essential these days.

As a working mama I’m juggling a lot right now: a sweet one year old toddler, an exciting dating relationship, a full-time job, maintaining dear friendships, being a daughter, a new business I just launched (more on this later!), leading a Bible Study, trying to be healthy by exercising and eating well. Ugh. I’m exhausted just listing it all out…

It’s my personality to always be going – to fill my calendar to the brim and not REST. But this has left me exhausted, burned out, and emotionally drained. I know it’s all of my own doing, but it has to stop!! At least I’m self-aware, right??

So this weekend I’m getting away. To REST. I have a bag packed of books I’ve been wanting to read, a journal that’s been under-utilized, my new Bible I love, knitting that will require me to be still and my Beth Moore Bible Study. I can’t wait. I know that God has called us to rest and He even commanded it via the Sabbath. He knows our tendency is to go go go, to do too much. I love what Tim Keller says about the Sabbath and rest (emphasis mine):

Sabbath is about more than external rest of the body; it is about inner rest of the soul. We need rest from the anxiety and strain of our overwork, which is really an attempt to justify ourselves—to gain the money or the status or the reputation we think we have to have. Avoiding overwork requires deep rest in Christ’s finished work for your salvation (Hebrews 4:1–10). Only then will you be able to “walk away” regularly from your vocational work and rest. -Tim Keller on Wisdom and Sabbath Rest

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I can’t wait to sit in a rocking chair and just listen to the water rush by… It’s going to be blissful.

This weekend I’m also going to spend time looking ahead at the Fall and my calendar – asking God what I need to omit so that I will have more energy and more time to do what He’s called me to do.

How about you? Is it hard for you to rest? To not over-commit your calendar?

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